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"Autumn body and cold"
Around the equinoctial week in autumn, the wind suddenly gets cold, even though my body is still sweaty and cheerful. This is the time when sweat attacks are likely to occur. The internal attack of sweat is to sweat and the sweat cools rapidly, which has an adverse effect on the body. It means that the sweat you sweat will attack you.
Then, in October, the problem of "coldness" gradually appears. Autumn is a more "cold" season than midwinter. At this time, the body still has a summer tendency. Therefore, in terms of sensation, I don't really feel that it gets cold. However, the effect of "coldness" is greater when the body, which has been used to be warm, suddenly becomes colder than in the middle of winter when it gets cold in earnest.


What you should pay particular attention to is "chilling". When you go to the floor, it's not cold yet, but it gets cooler and cooler at dawn. At this time, sweat suddenly attacks. Even in the season when it is not hot enough to sweat, all human beings sweat when they sleep. By sweating after sleeping, the body is able to get rid of fatigue. In autumn, the sweat cools rapidly at dawn and attacks inside.
The invasion of sweat caused by the coldness of autumn makes the body heavier and may hurt the throat and ears. In addition, the effects of coldness such as diarrhea, hiccups, nosebleeds, runny nose, and stuffy nose appear as various symptoms. The number of people who sleep at night and have leg cramps suddenly increases during this period.


Autumn cold measures
Do not take a bath just before going to bed. It feels like it won't get cold if you warm up in the bath and go to bed right away, but the opposite is true. The human body has the function of automatically keeping the body temperature constant. The hot body now works to cool. It would be nice if I was awake, but if I fell asleep as it was, I couldn't adjust it and it would get colder.
Also, if you go to bed immediately after taking a bath, you will be sleeping with sweat, so that sweat will get cold, and it will get cold in a double sense. It's a good idea to take a bath at least one hour before bedtime.
And when it's finally getting cooler, try not to sleep by the window as much as possible. If you lie down by the window and cool yourself, only the half of your body facing the window may hurt or become stiff.
Especially children need to be careful. When a child sleeps by the window and suddenly cools down, he / she may have asthma-like seizures, a large amount of nosebleeds, and vomiting. It is necessary to take measures to prevent it from getting cold, such as using thick curtains.
For winter, thicken (more) the futon as soon as possible. That way, you can quickly turn into a winter body. On the contrary, in spring, the futon will be thinned as soon as possible. Also, dry your futon frequently and be careful not to let it get damp.


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